Just a several apps to give you a slight impression of how we roll.

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MG Text Emoji 

Unicode Emojis as Text - Google Chrome Extension

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MG Gmail Count 

Unread Emails Counter for Gmail - Google Chrome Extension

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Google Chrome Extension for Friends. (RU<>EN)

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SharepointApp StockInfo in Office365 

This Sharepoint App (StockInfo) written in Javascript runs in Office365 makes queries to Microsoft Azure Service Bus where they being routed to any PC behind the firewall, so one could eventually access local services with SAP processing.

SharepointApp StockInfo in Office365

This Javascript SPA uses ERPConnectServices to query SAP

Sharepoint 2013 Webpart ApplicationLeave

Elegant Potplayer skin Mod

Since 2013 I made a couple of important modifications to this beautiful amaizing skin for the ever powerful popular Player. I'm not the original author. This is how the bottom overlay looks in the end like. (Next slide for top.)

PotPlayer Zune 2 Skin Mod by Max Grass

 Download Skin (dsf)

Top panel. Download it, put it to potplayer/skins folder and select from the settings: general/skin

PotPlayer Zune 2 Skin Mod by Max Grass

Make sure to select overlay method Direct3D in preferences: general/skin/OSC (check box checked, transparency 100%.) Enjoy!

Windows Tools

US Keyboard Layout with German Extension (Windows)

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Skydrive Pause/Resume Script

Process Hacker is required, please change the path to processhacker.exe in the script (line 13)

 Download Script

Educational Apps

Petri-Nets App (Java)

TU Ilmenau (DE) / MPEI (RU). (Masterarbeit)

 Download App (java/jar)

Visualizing and saving data from remote sensors

(Visualisierung und Messwertspeicherung von RemoteSensorik)

TU Ilmenau (Projektarbeit)

 Download Apps (Client+Server) (java/jar)

Parus App ASP.NET

for Parus Corp. Practice (Moscow)

Dynamical UI and custom logic for Web-Module "Constructor of industrial extensions" of multi-modular application Parus 8. Accounting and Datamining of predefined or user extended Forms (Governmental Forms). Oracle 10g, Crystal Reports, VSS, XML, Visual Studio 2012 RC: ASP.NET (C#).

Log Yanker aka Electronic record-book


Moscow Power Engineering Institute (wiki) (Bachelor)[RU]

Log Yanker aka Electronic record-book


 Download Site (Req Firebird)

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